Below are some of our frequently asked questions.  Please read through this content if you are new to using Kanna extracts. To find out more about Kanna, read our articles (blog) here.

We recommend taking ULTRAKanna extracts always starting with the recommended dosage amounts, or lower if you are very sensitive. The extracts could be ingested or could also be taken via sublingual form, holding the extract under the tongue for 5 minutes before ingesting them. If taken sublingual, a smaller amount than if ingested would be needed. The offset time is faster if taken sublingual compared to if ingested, but ingested effects last longer than if taken sublingual. ULTRAKanna extracts could also be added to tea, if so, we recommend taking them with black teas.

We recommend starting with our suggested dosage amount, and in case you would like to increase dosage, it should be done in very small increase amounts of 5mg max. (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT 5mg IS EQUAL 0.005 grams) at a time. Always wait at least one hour to feel the effects before any decision to increase the next dosage is taken. ULTRAKanna extracts are very potent.

We don’t recommend mixing the ULTRAKanna extracts or to take them at the same time.
ET2 extract is one of the strongest kanna extracts available and it contains a high percentage of Mesembrine alkaloid. UC extract is not as potent as ET2 and it contain a higher amount of the other main alkaloids contained in the sceletium plant. For most people UC extract offers a more relaxing feeling.

Sceletium extracts tend to offer a relaxing feeling and they normally assist with sleep at night. Between ET2 and UC extracts, UC would be a better assist to sleep at night for most people, even though different people react differently.

ULTRAKanna extracts should never be taken while taking any prescription drugs. The extracts should not be taken either if someone was taking antidepressant prescription drugs. After stopping the prescription drugs months should be waited before taking ULTRAKanna extracts. If any doubts always consult with your doctor before you decide to take ULTRAKanna extracts.
Never mix ULTRAKanna extracts with alcoholic beverages.
For hundreds of years ago, kanna was taken by the Bushmen in South Africa just before they were getting ready to go hunting. The kanna plant would help them to stay calm and focused before the hunting would begin, but also it would stop their hunger and thirst. So for these reasons, our kanna formulas could assist to loose weight.
ULTRAKanna extracts are more potent than most of the extracts available. Our extracts are standardized always offering a very consistent experience. ULTRAKanna extracts are produced in South Africa by the most advanced lab in sceletium extracts. Our lab has many years of experience working with sceletium. Some companies offer extracts claiming to be 50:1 or even higher ratios, and to our experience in most cases these claims are not true. We are very proud to offer high quality sceletium extracts, and also to be part of a benefit plan agreement with the !Khana community in South Africa.