Quick delivery and great service.  I’m new to Kanna and the results are amazing.


My first time trying Kanna. This product is incredible. I’m using very little and the aroma is fantastic. Highly Recommended.

Ryan Martin

Hands down some of, if not, the best Kanna out there! For those new to Kanna, Zspec should be used carefully. This is one of the strongest out there. Great for energy & getting things done. UltraKanna runs a great operation. Order with confidence.



Trust is earned, and at UltraKanna it’s the bedrock of everything we do.
With the highest standards in mind, our commitment to sourcing the finest quality of Kanna sets us apart globally. Unleash the power of our premium Kanna extracts and delve into a world of heightened experiences.

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How Kanna helps with anxiety, Kanna tincture, kanna drops, kanna extract, kanna liquid, is kanna legal, kanna plant, buy kanna


Ultrakanna Powder Extracts


Ultrakanna Powder Extracts



At ULTRAkanna, we are passionate advocates of the Kanna plant, which symbolizes the rich and diverse cultures of South Africa. Driven by our enthusiasm for this mystical succulent plant, we have devoted ourselves to producing the finest Kanna extracts available in the market. Each member in our Kanna product line represents our unwavering respect for Kanna , delicately crafted & intentionally curated to ignite an amazing experience within you.


Kanna has been used for centuries to help quiet your mind, boosting your mood & helping to stay focused.
It carries with it a truly transformative nature.

We understand & are deeply mindful of the significance of choosing us for your wellness journey.
That’s why we prioritize Kanna quality, consistency, and scientific integrity in each formulation.


For those wanting to create their own Kanna products, UltraKanna offers wholesale
of their Kanna extracts in bulk for North America.

Our reputation as leaders & pioneers in the natural Kanna supplement space speaks volumes.
We utilize our deep Kanna expertise to meticulously source the finest ingredients, ensuring that every product meets stringent quality benchmarks, earning your trust with every product experience.

Our dedication to maintaining this stellar reputation is unwavering, fueled by our passion to guide, support, and empower you on your journey toward holistic health.

Here’s what some of our wholesale customers have to say:

UltraKanna is the true, authentic source when looking out for quality options in Kanna wholesale. The team were extraordinarily helpful in guiding us, answering questions and delivering an exceptional product of Kanna Extract. Would HIGHLY recommend working with them.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jennifer Powell, Canada

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