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Quick delivery and great service.  I’m new to Kanna and the results are amazing.


Hands down some of, if not, the best Kanna out there! For those new to Kanna, Zspec should be used carefully. This is one of the strongest out there. Great for energy & getting things done. UltraKanna runs a great operation. Order with confidence.


My first time trying Kanna. This product is incredible. I’m using very little and the aroma is fantastic. Highly Recommended.

Ryan Martin


ULTRAKanna products are of the best quality available around the world.  Please read more about our extracts.  Our new liquid extracts in 2ml and 5ml bottles are much more concentrated than our previous liquid versions. These new liquid extracts contain 2g and 5g of extract diluted in pg/vg per bottle. One single drop of these new liquids contains about 50mg of powder extract.  Our 10ml bottles contain about 1g of powder extract diluted in pg/vg. One drop of this liquid version contains about 5mg of powder extract.


At Ultrakanna we love South Africa and we are passionate about kanna. We are proud of offering the best kanna extracts available in the market directly from South Africa to our USA consumers.  We consider that our range of kanna extracts contain the optimal alkaloid balance. ULTRAkanna extracts are pure and standardized.

Ethical Farming

Through our South African supply partners we are involved in formal profit sharing (we donate 3% of our kanna purchases to the !Kai Korana Community) arrangements with the San and Khoikhoi, the traditional custodians of Sceletium knowledge, in particular the !Kai Korana Community and the South African San Council.

Ethical Sourcing

The production of top-tier kanna extracts hinges upon the utilization of superior kanna plants. Our stringent quality criteria for kanna are predicated on a trifecta of factors: genetics, cultivation practices, and ethical considerations.

Top Class Laboratory

ULTRAKanna extracts are produced in a state of the art laboratory in South Africa.  All our extracts are made in an FDA Inspected & GMP Certified facility.

Quantified Strength

All our extracts are standardized for consistency and reliability.  Our various products have unique alkoloid profiles with different effects.


ULTRAKanna is offering wholesale of their kanna extracts in bulk for North America. Both our liquid and powered extracts are available for wholesale in bulk.  Fill out the form below to apply to be a wholesaler of ULTRAKanna products.  Enquire today.


Kanna – The Roots

Kanna, scientifically known as Sceletium Tortuosum, holds deep cultural significance entwined within South African heritage. It thrived not merely as a plant but as a symbol of emotional connectedness.

Extraction Methods

Centuries before modern science delved into the depths of Kanna, the indigenous San people of Southern Africa had already established a profound connection with this plant.


Kanna is illegal in the state of Louisiana. We will not accept or ship orders of Kanna containing products to Louisiana. We apologize for this inconvenience. Write your congressman!