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Quantified Strength




Ultrakanna offers 6 different and unique extracts available in both liquid and powder form:  each having their own special effect.  All of our extracts have the same potency and are are standardized.

Achieving superior kanna extracts requires more than just high-quality plants; it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Even though the plant material may contain abundant sceletium alkaloids, isolating these compounds can be challenging, and they tend to degrade quickly unless advanced extraction methods are employed.

Our cutting-edge extraction process is pivotal in the creation of kanna extracts that offer precise dosing, consistent effectiveness, and long-lasting stability in a practical and usable form.

All UltraKanna products are manufactured in South Africa in an FDA inspected facility. These statements and product have not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Our Powder Extracts

Our Kanna extracts have the potential to clump when exposed to environmental factors. Clumping may occur due to the natural variation of the external environment during storage and transportation, even while the extracts are inside their sealed packaging.

We only use inert mannitol as an excipient for our extracts, and we do not add flow enhancers such as silicon dioxide or magnesium stearate to keep them in powder state.

We only offer our powder extracts in 1 gram containers to make sure that the extracts are exposed to the environment less often than in a larger container that would have to be opened and closed many more times until the product would be finished. Once a powder extract container is opened the powder starts absorbing humidity from the environment very rapidly and then it will start clumping.

Even when the extracts clump due to the absorption of humidity the full properties of the extracts remain intact. Our preferred application for our extracts is either sublingually or ingested.

Our Liquid Extracts

Our new liquid extracts in 2ml and 5ml bottles are much more concentrated than our previous liquid versions. These new liquid extracts contain 2g and 5g of extract diluted in pg/vg per bottle. One single drop of these new liquids contains about 50mg of powder extract.

Our 10ml bottles contain about 1g of powder extract diluted in pg/vg. One drop of this liquid version contains about 5mg of powder extract.

At the moment we only have et2-zspec in the new concentrated version, but soon we’ll have our ET2 and our UC extracts as well.

Our Capsules

KannaConnect is a premium Kanna Extract Supplement by Ultrakanna and may assist you in relieving anxiety and staying focused while bringing in creative energy while Kannacalm Xtra Strength, may assist you in relieving anxiety, and creating a calm feeling.


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