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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) UC extract offers a fast general feeling of relaxation and mental invigoration. This product may assist you in relieving anxiety, and creating a calm feeling.

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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) UC extract offers a fast general feeling of relaxation and mental invigoration. This product may assist you in relieving anxiety, and creating a calm feeling.

UC Extract Effects

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UC could be taken directly orally or by holding it under your tongue before ingesting. It also could be mixed in a tea. Be careful of your dosage as this is a potent kanna extract. Use 10 – 20 mg.
Recommended use: 10mg per serving

Measurement: Use of a scale with 1mg = 0.001g accuracy is required for precise measurement. Included a double-sided scoop measuring approximately 16mg in the large end and 6mg in the small end capacity.

Not to be taken in conjunction with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI’s) or in conjunction with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRi’s).


Kanna produces a number of closely related effects, including a general feeling of relaxation, and mental invigoration. If you use this extract in a tea it won’t be active as quickly but will last for much longer, up to two hours.

Important Info

Ultrakanna powder kanna extracts are pure phyto-extracts and they do not contain any fillers that would prevent the clamping of the powder when they are exposed to air.

The extracts are very sensitive to humidity and they will clamp extremely fast when exposed to air. We recommend to keep the powder containers opened for the shortest possible period of time. If desired, clamped powders could be brought back to powder state using a food dehydrator or symply breaking the clamped chunks up to smaller pieces.

Clamped extracts are as effective as when in powder state. A clamping powder doesn’t mean that the powder has lost any properties.

4 reviews for UC Powder Extract 1g

  1. JAMIE G. (verified owner)

    I use to use Kanna way back in the day over 10 years ago for my depression & panic disorder. My primary doctor was actually happy about this as she was the one to inform me about it surprisingly. It saved my life during college & helped my anxiety & mood without feeling like i was on anything like an RX. Latly I have been extremely depressed & anxious. My Rx’s help for the panic attacks but not much else. Giving Kanna a try again is making me feel like myself again. Little over 2 years of major depression seems to be lifting. Thank you for this product.

  2. David K. (verified owner)

    The UC is a must have and a staple in my Kanna diet – it’s the most chilled, relaxed extract I’ve had and is pretty strong still. Less stimulating than the others but still feels like a high quality and good potency extract just more relaxed. Combines very well with ET2 and Zspec, MX-8. Compliments their effects by taking some off edge off and can be used at night while still getting to bed at a reasonable time. I like to combine and mix and match all of their extracts to get the most out of the various alkaloids. They work well together like the cannabinoid entourage effect theory, where the different chemicals or in this case alkaloids – potentiate each other and produce more balanced effects like what potent regular Kanna used to be like back in the day when the market was full of high potency Kanna, this is similar but more potent and you can kind of use different extracts for different things like ET2 for focus, drive. Zspec can be stimulating, euphoric, rushy. UC is a nice chilled, monged effect with lots of serotonin release, where as ET2 seems to release more dopamine and some noradrenaline/norepinephrine. The pharmacology is more complicated than that but its just a laymans example. UK products never disappoint, Liftmode MT-55 was a bit variable in its effects and potency and I wasn’t a fan of MT-55 compared to ET2 and UC. The MX-8 is a nice addition, more relaxing than I expected but still has quite some potency like the other UK Extracts. They also only specialize in Kanna which is what I like to support, instead of companies who carry a wide range of different supplements and nootpropics. It’s nice to have a strictly Kanna vendor who knows what they are doing.

  3. David K. (verified owner)

    I suffer from ADHD and dopamine defiency from years of rx stimulant treatments, leaving me downregulated and apathetic, disinterest, low mood and energy, drive. ET2 works the best for me as far as focus, drive and motivation. Also a nice mood lift, which can be euphoric at higher doses but less truly is more with these extracts bc using high doses will ruin your tolerance. Keep doses low and you keep it very medicinal which is why this is my number one supplement if I could only have one. The increased drive, focus allows me to function normally as I have tried every antidepressant medication and then some, but none worked and many had severe side effects like feeling numb all the time, increased thoughts of death, hypomania, tremors/shakes, brain zaps… the wd from them terrible. Kanna extracts are like what I wish antidepressants could be like – it starts working much faster, works better and doesn’t have those crazy side effects. I definitely recommend these extracts to those who don’t respond well to rx ssri and other antidepressants. With Kanna I am able to care enough about life to take care of myself and I’m not constantly bored and stressed as much and actually have energy to get things done. I can’t use high doses of caffeine due to side effects but low doses of caffine 1:1 w l theanine (60-100mg each) combined with 1 large scoop or about 16mg Kanna is a nice alternative to stimulant ADHD meds which have major side effects and are addicting, I’m able to use ET2 on the days I don’t take my adhd meds so I don’t build a tolerance to them and give me body and heart a much needed break. ET2 is a legit alternative to things like Adderall and doesn’t pose any of the risks. It’s not as potent, obviously and is more seretonergic, more well rounded and it doesn’t drain my brains feel good chemicals like adhd meds, and helps me recover when I’m not taking them. For best results, I “primed” my receptors with low-med doses of 15-20mg once daily for a week, then twice daily and then finally 3x a day and began to notice the doses more intensely with time like a reverse tolerance or you kinda have to break thru a barrier and you feel the Kanna more strongly like your receptors adjust to it and less is more. Occasional higher doses (20-40mg are high to me now, compared to 50-70mg before I “primed”). I wouldn’t dose more than 2 scoops at a time and no more than 3x in a day- this way you won’t burn yourself out or ruin your tolerance. I used to take big doses and wonder why I wasn’t getting were I wanted and it turned out to be taking too high of doses. So be smart and keep your doses low to feel the effects better, seems counter intuitive but it works. I also recommend taking it more as a supplement, bc it’s to be respected. Been using it for 3 years straight with no issues once I got “primed” and stuck to lower doses. I take time off in between orders and never get anything compared to antideptessant withdrawal- I just go back to my apathetic self but there is an afterglow for me lasting about a week sometimes if i take it 3-5x per week for 3-4 weeks. Everyone is different so don’t base your self on what works for me just start low to get the most out of this stuff. Taking too much can leave you with a headache and reaching the “ceiling” where you don’t get any more good effects and just waste your product and time.

  4. Cindy B.

    Great products!

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